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"The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers."

      M. Scott Peck


 Have you ever felt like you are…

  • Energetically stuck, drained and disengaged?

  • Going through the motions, and feeling tired, irritable, frustrated?

  • Losing sight of what you are passionate about or what makes you feel alive?

  • Despite all you efforts, you are not able to get some perspective

  • Crave to tap into your potential and make a sustainable change?

Does this sound like you:



Understanding your strengths, discovering what you are passionate about, building a resilient mindset to work towards a career that fulfills you... Most people don't take the time to understand what makes them unique and how they can put these skills towards finding the job that best suits them. How would it feel to wake up everyday energized to contribute to a project you believe in?

"If you don't know you are, what you stand for, what you are passionate about, what you want to achieve or where you want to go...any road will take you there."



As much as we don't want to admit it... the only constant in Life is Change.

The more resistance we create around it, the harder we make it for ourselves, the less flexible we become, digging our heels in and the more painful the process can be. Instead of being at the effect of change, how would it feel if you could anticipate it?

Discover the intricate ways your mind keeps you playing small.

Learn to become more productive by building a strong mindset to create positive outcomes that will serve you better.



In today's world, it may seem impossible sometimes to get ahead even though we give it our best effort. It seems as if we are running in this relentless circle which, is leaving us feeling disconnected and drained. If we keep going on for too long, this can easily lead to chronic stress and eventually burnout.

Recognizing the signs of burnout can save you from serious health issues down the road. A special place has been created for you to catch your breath, and reconnect away from the stress of your hectic life.

How would you like to feel….

  • CONFIDENT about the choices you are making no matter the outcome

  • Feel positive about Life and EMBRACE the opportunities it offers

  • More engaged and increase your level of ENERGY

  • Empowered to co-create a more fulfilled and HAPPIER existence

  • Live a life of purpose and GROWTH


“Our biggest problems cannot be resolved with the same level of thinking that created them in the first place”

Albert Einstein

I will create a space for you to allow room for the change to happen, and together I will help you…

  • Uncover the reasons why you are stuck, without vision and playing small

  • Learn to face your procrastination, self-doubt and most importantly self-sabotage

  • Understand how changing your current paradigm is possible

  • Develop self-compassion and strengthen your confidence

  • Develop the mindset that will make you a better leader for your own life and that of others

  • Redefine success and create your personal and professional goals accordingly

  • Discover how to be in alignment with yourself to work towards your life purpose




Stress Management: Declutter your mind

Find Clarity, Focus and Peace

"With Claire’s guidance and coaching she was able to help me gain the clarity and confidence to create my business strategies, define my niche, and empower me to see a bigger vision of myself than I ever could have alone. In creating an environment balanced with tough love and accountability, we were able to come up with new insights and perspectives that were invaluable to move my business forward."

Gabriela, CEO Vialife Inc. OR - USA


"I liked how deeply heard I felt. I liked the intuitive energy I felt with Claire, and how aligned it was with my own inner experience. I liked the honesty and clarity. I liked the follow up re-capping some significant points we hit on and my action steps. I liked the focus on a value-centered life, and that Claire honed in on one of my top values. I felt cared for, supported, stretched and celebrated!"

Lisa, Entrepreneur CA - USA

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